Sunday, September 11, 2005

Ideas Not Included 

'Writing Articles for Publicity' by Cheryl Wright gives links to Web sites that offer free content to e-zines and Web site maintainers. People seeking publicity for their own Web projects submit articles for free. If an article is used then their bio and Web address gains more exposure.

Looking at some of the articles on offer, I'm not sure that I'd spend too much time trawling sites like (where one of the most popular articles is 'Mole Traps: can you use them?') and Ezine Articles where one recent new article, amongst many, is called 'Orienting Ourselves with Pantothenic Acid.'

Cheryl's shares the basic steps to writing a quick article, reminding people to stick to one subject. I could probably stand to remember that when writing blog entries. And her article about writing articles to create publicity proved her point. The article appeared at Risk Free Money and the owner made an Automatic Article Generator based on it.

I don't know Dee, I might one day need to know how to set a trap for a mole - of the spy variety as opposed to the ones that dig up your lawn!!!!
You too, huh?

The mole article covers the 'dig up your lawn' variety, so you could reach a whole other market with a spy mole article. :-)
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