Thursday, September 15, 2005

Karaoke Jazz and Drilling 

Jazz played quietly during my dentist visit. I desperately focused on warm days in Carnarvon by the fascine and the red dirt delta when the drilling drowned out the jazz. I thought of the Indian Ocean and the blow hole, and opened my eyes to see a tiny fleck of bone fragment (or was it water?) shoot by. A surreal but successful appointment.

I'm in Albany now. Staying above the kind of regional pub that has karaoke on Thursday nights. I have my pass to the writers festival and tickets to see both Tim Winton and John Marsden at the Albany Town Hall. The roundabouts and zebra crossings in York St are tricky but the local drivers are courteous. Lucky because I can't see more than the occasional hand wave. Tomorrow I'll sightsee - the harbour and Mt Clarence are too big to miss.

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