Monday, September 12, 2005

Like Blog Frightening 

We chatted about how a blog might increase a writer's profile yesterday at EditZone. Most of the reasons for blogging centred around having fun and enjoying the experience, whether you blog primarily for yourself or for lots of unknown readers.

I think blogging solely to raise a profile could be more hassle than it's worth. One chatter noted that a less-than-rivetting blog could turn people off your other work or writing (yikes, if only there was other writing).

This lead to me to mention blogfright. I'm big on blogfright. I worry about what to include, who I can name, my purpose in blogging, and thoughts of occasional readers - what will people think?

If you want to know more about blogfright - reasons to be scared and ways to get over it - here's an article at Jarrett House North on Blog Fright (21 February 2005).

I've added a link to EditZone in my sidebar too. If you're keen to share ideas on writing and editing, please check it out. The group is based at Vicnet's My Connected Community (MC2) and meets for regular real time chats, discussions with writing professionals, and for creative exercises.

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