Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Today I spotted a list of Google Adwords below an article about macular degeneration. Readers hungry for commercial content could click on a word or phrase and see a small list of ads related to the subject.

One of the phrases listed: Immaculate Degeneration.

I've laughed with a friend about people referring to 'immaculate degeneration' - people who genuinely believe this to be the name of the eye condition. Both immaculate and macula have the same Latin root - macula meaning stained or spotted. The macula appears as a spot on the retina (Note: a very useful spot - look after it!). I understand why people might feel that MD is like an immaculate conception. They've done nothing to bring it on.

I typed 'immaculate degeneration' into Google, expecting it to ask 'Did you mean macular degeneration?

No suggestions appeared but sponsored links to VisionConnection.com and Vision-Nutrition did. If the search results don't help, the sponsored links provide some clues.

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