Monday, September 12, 2005

Sprung Up 

I'm off to Perth for a few days, and then on to Albany for the weekend. Earlier this year I decided that if I holidayed anywhere it wouldn't be to attend a conference related to RP or blindness. Instead, I hoped to visit Melbourne for the writers festival.

Thanks to my dental work (which, yay yay, is the reason I'm going to Perth this week) I couldn't go over east. (Note to non-West Aussies: 'over east' is anywhere not in WA but still in Australia, with the possible exception of the Northern Territory). Then I read that Blind Citizens Australia is holding it's national convention in Perth, celebrating 30 years of the organisation's history. I haven't attended a BCA convention before and I know that it's expensive for many people to travel to WA to attend. So I figured now is the time for me to go and show my support. That's happening at the end of this month. So far my plan to holiday for non-vision related fun looked severely unstuck.

Then in Saturday's West I read about the Sprung Writers Festival on in Albany this coming weekend. Tim Winton, Nick Earls and Kim Scott (who wrote Benang: from the heart, my first book group read) are three of the guests. Tim Winton rarely makes appearances so this is a good opportunity to hear him speak. Albany's on the south coast, with views over Princess Royal Harbour, and I haven't visited since I was a teenager.

So now I have a plan.

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