Thursday, October 20, 2005

Headache Headaches 

Whenever I have a tension headache, I make it worse by worrying about what I've done to cause it. A glass of wine, too much tea, eye strain, sunlight, not enough water, poor posture, unknown allergies ... tension... ? I can't help but go over all the possible causes in my aching head.

If I have a stomach ache, I think d'oh, must be something I ate. If my wrist hurts, I think to the future and the day when we won't need to use a mouse. But if my head hurts, I just don't know and it bugs me. The Alexander Technique helps but whenever I have a tension headache, I have too many thoughts in my head to fit the Alexander thoughts.

On the positive side, I'm not cursing my vision every time I have a headache, even if it is the cause. I think I'm cool with it now - and it's only taken nineteen years! I'm okay! Which is a relief, because I don't think light sensitivity or eye strain have caused half as many headaches as me considering the effects of RP on my self.

Next time I have a headache, I'll try to think about what'll fix it. A Panadol, gardening, lots of water, the Alexander Technique and (although I'm not good at it) cooking. But I won't think too much.

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