Monday, October 24, 2005

Public Transport Slambook Questions 

Today I deleted my public transport Slambook, which was hosted by Skazzle. The Slambook invited visitors to answer five questions about their public transport experience, as well as to leave their names, locations, e-mail and Web addresses. Only ten people ever signed the Slambook and very few people now sign my guestbook. Three spam signings caused me to reconsider the value of the Slambook and decide to delete my Skazzle account. I'm not sure why I started the Slambook - maybe to add something different and interactive for visitors. In addition, Slambooks became part of Skazzle, a network for teenagers, and I have never been a teenage Internet user.

I've kept the old answers - I hate throwing stuff away. Here are the questions and my current answers.

Why do you catch public transport?

I like it.

What is your favourite public transport route and why?

My favourite route is the same as when I first signed - the Perth to Fremantle train line, especially between Mosman Park and Freo and especially in the early evening when the weather's warm.

Describe the most memorable character you've seen or chatted to on public transport.

Visitors to Melbourne from Papua New Guinea, dancing in traditional dress on the 57 tram.

What was your most maddening public transport experience?

A train stopping only long enough to allow passengers to alight, leaving those of us wishing to board standing on the platform. I'm usually not to fussed by public transport mishaps. I do become frustrated when there are no convenient services.

Would you rather observe the other passengers or check out the scenery?

I like to observe passengers, check out the scenery, stare into space, daydream, read a book, write in my notebook and check that I still have my purse and camera.

Add your own answers, if you please.

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