Friday, November 11, 2005

Going Nowhere 

I wrote four blog posts today that all disappeared into the ether upon me hitting 'Publish Post.' The titles appeared, the footers appeared but not the actual posts. I recovered the post on NaNoWriMo, deleted a post on my visit to the optometrist yesterday, rewrote a brief post about a digital book blog and then rewrote a post on the role of a bacteria in wet MD caused by variations in the Complement Factor H gene (if you're going huh?, imagine how I felt re-writing the damn thing). So I'm writing this post to check that it's safe to post again before I write to Blogger and ask what's going on.

Update: A happy outcome! A bug fix in Blogger lead to the discovery of a bug in Opera that lead to the text of my posts disappearing. Opera have addressed the problem in the beta version of Opera 9 and have also worked with Blogger to find a workaround. After realising yesterday that I could post using Mozilla Firefox, I felt quite down about the possibility that there might not be a fix anytime soon. Only a very small percentage of Blogger users access the site with Opera and the Opera Community offers a weblog service to members. Why would they work together to fix a bug that affects someone like me - who uses both Blogger and Opera free of charge to write weblogs that very few people read? But they did, and I'm very pleased! A thread in the Opera Forums called Opera and Blogger don't cooperate anymore tells the story. Good grief, Pete from Blogger who helped fix the problem is a pirate.

I remember my qualms with blogger, back when that was my first blog. Of course, wordpress works fine now! :D

Good to see NaNo is going good, I'm about 1000 words behind you and also writing a fantasy.
Ooh, yes, I have considered changing to Wordpress. If it weren't for Nano, I might have done more than consider it Friday!
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