Thursday, December 15, 2005

Two Trips To The City 

In the last week I've travelled to Perth twice, staying a total of three nights. On Friday Mum and I drove up to take Megan, Callum and Rori to the airport for their big shift back to Tasmania. They took a 6am flight from Perth Domestic on Saturday. On Monday I caught the bus to Perth ready for an 11am appointment in West Perth on Tuesday. My teeth are AOK.

On the way up we visited both my Nannas and my Pop in Busselton. At Nanna and Pop's we ate rock cakes and roamed the garden - Megan took a cool photo of a bunch of cherry tomatoes, all at different stages of ripening. Then in Bunbury we wandered about buying a few last minute items and became lost in the Picton industrial area. We did, however, find our way easily to a replica of the Sydney Harbour Bridge that crosses a pond off the back streets of Waroona.

Megan took a 6am flight, so we stayed at a motel close to the airport and tried not to think about why the mattresses had plastic protectors. When you wake at 4.30am, you want to know the airport's not far away.

On the way home, Mum and I decided that when Bunbury's not completely dead or windy, it's impossible to find a park. But the Chrissie decos look great, and so do the grass trees growing in the Stirling Street traffic island. In Busso we stopped for a salad and juice from Bay Organics, where we sat on the front verandah and admired the kangaroo paws.

On Saturday afternoon a member of my book group rang to ask if she could sponsor me in the Lions Walk for Sight on Sunday. Lucky she called because I'd completely forgotten about it. Aaghh. A shower fell just before I started walking but I completed the five k circuit in the sun. We walked up to Leeuwin Rd, down a track past the satellite dishes and then along the airport road to where the old railway line takes you almost to Flinders Bay. From there we walked through the caravan park and along Albany Terrace and to Lions Park for a sausage sizzle. What's a fundraiser without a sausage sizzle?

On Monday I headed back to Perth on the bus. I stayed at Gill's and caught up with other friends in the city. Gill, Martin and I ate dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Cheers in Subi on Tuesday night. Why do I eat so much tuna from the can when it can taste like this? My friends tell me that infamous Perth identity John Kizon sat at a table nearby not long before we left for Baskin-Robbins. They're selling German Choc Cake ice cream again! The cake is actually sugary brownie, not quite how I remember it but then when I loved German Choc Cake ice cream there's no way I'd've eaten pickled ginger. Seaweed made me screw up my face too, although I'm sure that's because a Malaysian friend would give sheets of it to me to try.

I caught the 9.30am Australind to Bunbury on Wednesday. I nearly fell asleep while sipping my coffee before the scrubby trees outside Picton told me to buy a roast beef and salad sandwich to eat on the bus to Augusta. I handed the lady a fifty, thinking it a five, and was surprised to get so much change back. Then I settled back into my seat and listened to the call alerting passengers to prepare to alight at - Pinjarra. So I was an hour out.

And now I'm home! By the river and not far from the ocean and cooking my own meals. Megan's in Swansea and all is well.

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