Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Boxed Up 

Telstra rang at tea time before Christmas. They congratulated us on being able to switch to broadband (a year after the upgrade to the local exchange, so not for the first time). I admit I may have zoned out while the guy read me stuff he needed to record.

As a result, I thought I'd said yes to some kind of demo or information kit. Two days later I received an e-mail from Bigpond Broadband. My application to join was successful! Installation kit, Deanne. I checked the e-mail to see how much my successful application might cost:

Billing information

The plan you've chosen to start out on is our BPBB-ADSL 200MB 256/64. Billing for this plan will begin when you make a successful connection to BigPond Broadband, or 21 days after your kit was dispatched (whichever comes first).

But enough about that kind of thing. We're sure you want to get going!

Yeah, I want to get going without the self-installation kit. I hate knowing how much stuff's going to cost me. Ick. Why do they think I let them choose which plan I 'start out on'?

Not that I personally needed to worry. I'd successfully applied to have it billed to my mum.

The installation kit came two weeks after the phone call. We posted it right back. The postie says we're not the only people sending boxes back to Telstra this New Year.

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