Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Discussion With A Smile 

Today someone gave me some advice. Hey Deanne, you know that you look much prettier with a smile on your face, smile. This advice from a blind man, who I've never met in meatspace, via e-mail. Not that it's bad advice (although, sometimes I look better if I don't smile, provided I'm not frowning) but it implies that I'm not typing my messages in good humour. I always type my messages in good humour! Such a slur on my good-humoured name.

And now I'm showing poor form by commenting about it in my blog. I planned to whine about the frustration caused by e-mail discussion lists, which reminded me how hard it is not to wander off during meetings, but I think I feel better now. Not prettier, mind, but much better. Smile.

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