Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Giving the Gift of Blog 

I checked out some of the other bloggers' blogs when I RSVPed about Perth blogger meet up today. All good.

At Milchfrommler I read about The Mayfly Project 2005, which asks visitors to summarise their 2005 in 24 words or less. A great way to distil your year and take it neat.

Via Graeme Watson's Blog I learnt about My Heritage's Find the Celebrity in You! (TM). Upload a photo of yourself and the site's facial recognition technology will work out which of 2400 celebrities you most resemble. Note: Do not take quick snap of yourself in the bathroom and then hurry back to the computer to see how it works. Potentially, you could discover that you most resemble celebrities of the opposite sex - and that's just no fun at all. If, however, you use an old photo you don't like that's already stored on your computer, you could have better luck. If only I could use this technology to recognise the other Bloggers at Little Creatures.

At Gravyland I read about The Big Love Gift Guide. Yes, gifts that cost you next to nothing! Pickles get a mention, and free massages. It's enough to make me stress out. I'm mostly not good with pickles and massages. I'm mostly good for conversation and a laugh, which is a very sensible reason to choose friends who don't like gingham.

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