Friday, January 20, 2006

Glaring Up 

Two weeks in a row Seek have posted an ad for a 'FUNCTIONS COORDINATOR - with flare!' Fair enough. You never know what can go wrong at a Claremont-based function.

Regret the Error is a blog that reports errors made in the media. Australian newspapers are represented, although none appear to have online pages devoted to corrections. Not all errors are outrageous or funny (where's the entertainment value in that?) but they do remind me how easy it is to stuff up. As if I need reminding.

I read about Regret the Error at ResearchBuzz, where Google text ads no longer appear beside each post. They used to sit in the top left of the main content column, with no lines or obvious layout changes to separate them from actual content. I don't mind seeing the ads, I just don't like to find them where I expect to start reading a post. Now they're gone.

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