Thursday, January 05, 2006

Google's 'Braille' Logo 

I just went to do a Google search and noticed that instead of the usual image of the word 'Google', there's an image of the word 'Google' in Braille. It looks all lovely and bumpy but it isn't. The alternative text says 'A picture of the Braille letters spelling out "Google." Happy Birthday Louis Braille!' and the image links to a search on Louis Braille, who I don't believe will be celebrating his birthday this year.

I recognised the 'G' and the 'E' and the 'L' from my Association for the Blind (WA) bookmark. Irony has a good friend in RP. Nevertheless, I like the logo, have saved it to disk, and am once again inspired to learn Grade 1 Braille while I can still see it.* I wonder if it will inspire Google to ensure that all of it's services are accessible?

* Assuming that one day I will not be able to see it, which I do not assume because that would be bad luck.

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