Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Muffins Like Us 

My favourite headline brought to me via the Google News Alert for 'retinitis pigmentosa' so far: 'By baking muffins, he found his niche to serve the Lord' (St Petersburgh Times, 27 December 2005). The article is about a Florida man called Dwight Milton Lee, who over the course of his life did other stuff too:

He wrote that he was considered a "problem pretender" because he fell into fox holes. He jumped onto his horse backward, and was transferred to a medic company, which landed in Normandy during the Second World War.

A German plane strafed him there, with bullets piercing his thigh and abdomen three times. Doctors removed a slug and inspected him to send him back to war.

Eventually they worked out that he couldn't see either the fox holes or his horse. After the war he worked as a commercial artist using his tunnel vision and cared for his wife after she had a stroke. I didn't blog this at RetGen but I couldn't not blog it either. Some articles are all together odd. More like us, I guess.

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