Saturday, January 07, 2006

My First Writely Document 

Wow! I have a word processor in my browser window. I though it might be slow because I'm on dial up, in the country, on a windy night and my computer's acting weird but this is great! I don't know why this is so cool but it is. Novelty value plus. You can view the HTML code for a document but it's not current standard (it uses the font tag, for example). You can edit the HTML yourself, which is handy. I can't get the spell check to work (actually, it's possible it is working and I haven't spotted the display) and changes to the colour formatting don't display on the screen. I'm using Mozilla Firefox, so that could make a difference. Now, to see if I can blog this.

I've experimented with a similar program, PBWiki, but haven't made much use of it.
I remembered this afternoon that when viewed out of context, this entry won't make sense. Writely is the name of the Web word processor I used to write and then publish (through Blogger) this post. I mentioned it in the post preceding this one, 'Out There'.

Benjamin, I checked out PBWiki. They've started a collaborative fiction (called collaborativefiction and listed in the public directory) but it's only one paragraph long.
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