Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Okay. Happy New Year! 

I went all shy over Christmas and the New Year. Hope you had a good one!

We always have a low key Christmas and this year we didn't bother with presents. Yay! I don't quite know why this made me feel so good but it did. Potato salad (and the company of my family, of course) must be enough.

Over Christmas I read Charlotte's Web by E.B. White (how could I have read The Elements of Style and not Charlotte's Web?), Animal Farm, and, just to throw off the whole barnyard theme, Nightwood by Djuna Barnes. I should perhaps have read this last book twelve years ago for uni but considering I didn't always have the patience to listen to a whole three-minute pop song then, it's not surprising I've left it till now.

Andrew left for Perth yesterday and will fly to Gove tomorrow from Darwin. Both Ripper and I wouldn't have minded going for a drive to the city but Ripper got to the ute first.
Blue heeler kelpie cross through passenger window, tongue out smiling
I received a New Year catch up call from Adelaide yesterday and a Chrissie card from Sydney today. Erin spotted Shannon and Campbell on an ad for an Esperance shopping centre and both Jess and Rod celebrated their birthdays today. More potato salad.

And Gillian (and Martin) have bought a red Volkswagon Golf! Much enthusiasm about owning a car that doesn't surprise passengers by having the interior door handle come away in their hands. I so hope I don't break it.

So the New Year's away.

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