Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Park Ya Carcass, Not Ya Car 

At last, a way for me to make use of parking bays! PARK(ing) involves turning a metered parking spot or two into a temporary park of the recreational variety. All I need to work out now is how to get a roll of turf onto the train.

According to Rebar's PARK(ing) construction manual, something else you'll need is:

A plan for dealing with police officers, traffic enforcement personnel, or people angry about you occupying a parking space. Keep in mind that you are acting in the public interest to add to the health, comfort, and vitality of your
city. We recommend appealing to law enforcement?s sense of civic pride versus
antagonizing them.

I reckon as well as the recommended bench, tree and grass needed to turn a parking spot into a park, I'd bring a barbie and a wading pool. Some ducks. Wow, I'm feeling blissed out at the thought of relaxing in my pleasant little rectangle already. Watermelon. Yes, all in the public interest. Take your car and leave me in peace.

I read about PARK(ing) in an enthusiastic post called 'from the "i love this so much" files' at me, myself and infrastructure, (21 December 2005).

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