Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sudoku Sitting Still 

Why can I not sit still when asked to write a short story? For a group exercise, not for publication. No pressure.

Sit down, stand up. Move around. Change rooms, again. Drink water. Go to the loo. Turn on the stereo. Do sit ups!

Only when I'm attempting a Sudoku (and the one published in Saturday's West was a doozy) can I sit still.

I've decided that creativity must need movement. But I can Sudoku sitting still.

I have never gotten into Soduku or even cross-words. As for short stories, my mood changes.

If I'm writing because I feel I have to write, it take a few forced paragraphs to get going.

But there are times when I don't write for a period, but leave an idea welling around in my head. It is when the story is bursting out of me, when I can't seem to stop.
never tried serious writing but i think it requires more creativity and also your mind wanders when you think about something to write.

for sudoku, everything is there before you. and all you have to think are those 9 numbers.. so its easier to concentrate guess
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