Thursday, February 02, 2006


Imagine you're putting a Lego toy together and you find that you only have three of the pieces. After a while, you find one of the missing pieces - a really useful piece - but then you realise you've misplaced a piece you already had. You find a piece, you lose a piece - but you never have more than three pieces.

So you have to be satisfied with the three most interesting pieces, or three pieces that go together, or maybe the three distinctive pieces that tell you whether you're building a tractor or an aeroplane. Maybe you run out of time and you never work out what it is you're building. Or maybe you have the time and you're keen, so you keep a memory of the missing pieces and fit them all together in your head.

That's sort of how it is for me to see. This is why I'm so glad for the sight I have but can't always hide my frustration. :-)

Coming soon - more inadequate analogies on what it's like to see with dodgy retinas.

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