Monday, February 13, 2006

Self-Censored (or Valentine's Day Boycott of Google) 

Hey ho, I'm blogging tonight to let you know that I won't be blogging tomorrow. I'm sure you'll appreciate that if you visit occasionally and noticed that I haven't blogged for days now.

Is it because I'll be so busy sniffing big bunches of beautiful flowers or having soft-centred choccies explode in my mouth? Of course not, that's why I'm always in a snit on my birthday.

No, instead I'll be boycotting Google - which includes Blogger and (I don't know how I'll survive) Gmail. Internet users who search using Google from within China and Tibet receive censored results that do not include sites deemed politically-sensitive. Visit No Luv 4 Google for more details or read about in The Sydney Morning Herald's MashUp blog entry, 'Google facing Valentine's Day dump', which includes some interesting comments.

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