Monday, April 24, 2006

Here Nor There But Wow 

Orange and pink flowers on the same geranium plant Mum's so happy with her geranium - it blooms in two colours. Today Nanna and Pop drove it off to Busselton and I found out I can move into a place in the city on Saturday. I won't be moving till late next week at the earliest, partly because we're set on going to the Balingup Small Farm Field Day. Scarecrows and beanies. There's lots to miss about living in the South West.
Oooh pretty. And cool that you're moving up to the big smoke too.

Hey, do you know your archives are broken?
Hey Col,

Thanks for tipping me off about the archives. They appear to be working now, so I guess it was a Blogger glitch. I have a geranium (not this beauty) to take up to the big smoke with me and I've picked a spot not far from either the beach or the river (tricky) so it'll be like Augusta in the city, only without the bush and GWN News. Sigh. I hope I'll make myself very busy.

Tooroo for now,

Great news, Dee, see you in chat soon, Janet.
Hi Janet,

Wow, I must be hard to reach if you've tripped out to the temporal island. Hope to catch up for a chat one way or another soon.
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