Friday, May 19, 2006

Bloggers of the Future 

I'm sorry I missed chat but I'm glad I went to the Perth Weblogger Meet Up (my first meet up as an actual Perth blogger). I've never attended a meet up with this many people (fourteen), with this many couples (three) or with this many babies (one).

Toxic purity and skribe from one dog said to another brought five-week-old JOOB along. JOOB didn't stir (that I noticed) until after the fight between Green and Mundine finished screening downstairs and they amped the music up. Rachel and Clay from Minti, an online community for parents came too. Children, technology - we're a group looking to the future, one way or another.

We also said goodbye to Not The West, with at least two of us admitting to sometimes reading Not The West and not The West. I'm belatedly blogging the 'Luxury feel of a Bali resort' post because Gill and I laughed out loud reading it. Bret's still blogging marketing type stuff at Free Beer but mostly he's blogging about Second Life, a virtual world where people are represented by avatars (sexy as you like) and float about shopping, protesting, chatting and doing business. Wot the biscuit sez is a blog by Bret's SL character.

Richard from Clique Communications is another meet up regular looking into the business potential of owning 'land' in SL. The chance to see how social networks, politics and the economy develop in Second Life appeals but at least four of us present had reservations because of the timesink factor. Other potential pitfalls? Read 'You are SO Lucky I didn't take photos. Good for a laugh, at the very least.

After discussing the strange lives of characters in SL, it was refreshing to meet Kay and hear about the real life goat she once kept in Mt Lawley. Enter the goat lady. Thanks to Kay, I (and now you) will know to celebrate INTERNational Day of Slayer on the 6th of the 6th - 06. Cue acoustic version of 'Angel of Death'. So far the day is a National Day of Slayer in the US but that could change. Also thanks to Kay, I know about OneWebDay on 22 September. Janet, if I have money but no job come September (is Peter crossing his fingers?), we can celebrate in Canberra, or maybe in Yenda? Lol, we'll have forgotten by then, I know.

CW and M came along for the first time and CW sounded stoked to meet people who don't find her enthusiasm for blogging a bit peculiar. She offers Ruminations with an emphasis on libraries. I love reading about libraries, especially when I'm some place away from them where I can make noise.

Brown Wren is a WA News Hound and reports interesting tidbits about our state. For example, did you know that so many Perth people search for 'science fiction' at Google that Perth ranks third after Seattle and Portland (Oregon) for that search? The info came from James at Big Dumb Object, blogging Google Trends. I just checked and Perth's no longer in the top ten. That's a trend for you.

Ron Larson is a Californian blogger living in Perth and who's attracted some international attention. After a bit of sleuthing into a Malibu car crash, he's earned blogger brownie points and a link from
Boing Boing ('The phony police business is alive and well')
to his 'Truth is stranger than fiction' posts. The story doesn't have much relevance to West Australia but I think it's for the best that Ron's not living too close to the action. He's not hiding though, his other popular posts deal with using Google Maps Within Google's Blogger.

Last but not least is our one non-blogger old enough to sit up (oops, forgot Lisa - Hi!). Jon makes up for this by maintaining The site asks bloggers to submit their blog, a description of their blog and some tags. I forgot to tag mine with 'Perth' or 'Western Australia' (der). I recommend reading the huge amount of tags to the right of the main page (I have tunnel vision, okay?) for an idea or two before heading off to submit. Add your Australian blog now!

Jon's site is just for fun and he says he's going to keep it simple. I like that. If you're looking for something more sophisticated (potentially), Melburnian Ben Barren is creating an Australian blog search called gnoos. If you're interested in checking it out, or acting as a beta tester, visit the gnoos blog. Bloggers can submit their urls now.

Whew, and that's just about everything. I hope I haven't blabbed too much about the conversations and I hope you have an idea of what goes on at a meet up. We didn't all chat about everything all at once, it's very informal and most people try to move about and at least say hello to everyone else. Thanks for a decent night out!

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