Monday, May 15, 2006

Jolly Family 

Megan and Mum both think it's funny that I accidentally browsed in a stall at the Subiaco Markets only to be told 'actually, this is a photographic studio.' 'Oh really? Right.' Lol, if that's not funny I'm a very strange lady.

Nobody thinks it's funny that last night I walked a k to the shops for a few groceries and then discovered I'd left my purse at home. I walked home in the dark, grabbed my purse, walked back in the dark and paid before heading home again with mymilk and a roll of clingwrap. Lucky I'm cooking enough for two of me, I need the energy. Lucky I like walking at night.

Almost a lonely day today. I bought a mobile phone so I don't miss any attempts at contact and I joined the local library. I called Dad and all their stuff is packed ready to go tomorrow. Dad said Andrew would be up Wednesday and that Andrew reckons he knows where I live, he'll meet me at the pub. I'd chopped a single clove of garlic and peeled half an onion ready for tea when Megan called. We chatted for two hours before I chopped the onion. Then Mum called and we chatted for another little while. She says Andrew will be up tomorrow sometime with his swag.

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