Friday, May 19, 2006

Keys to the Volvo 

Mum and Dad dropped in today and left me the keys to the Volvo, which they've parked in my car bay. I'm thrilled, a car is mine for the weekend. A fuel efficient car, manufactured in 1986 with a long body, a reputation for safety and a cassette player.

So I walked down to the beach this arvo, and then to IGA to buy a mop and some mushrooms. I took a photo of a bus stop instead of the sunset because I had my mobile round the wrong way. Later, at home, I picked my mobile up to turn off the telly. I'm trying to drink more green tea.

I hope Mum and Dad take it easy in Geraldton, where they're saying goodbye to Erin and Rod. Boot's there and Andrew's in Nannup with Ripper, who's cut his foot and who is not allowed in the new car. I can't mention the new car's make because it's a secret, Megan, lol.

But it's the old new car that's taken my imagination. I'm not imagining driving it, just owning it. Keeping stuff in the glove box, shifting stuff in the boot, tossing the keys in the air as I walk out the door. Maybe even catching them. Inviting friends to come for a drive up West Coast Hwy at dusk.

No wonder Mum thought they might be back to Perth tomorrow.

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