Friday, May 26, 2006

Perth Writer Surveys Bloggers and Journal Keepers 

Perth freelancer Pamela Weatherill is researching a book on the ways people journal, whether they write privately in a notebook, blog photos online or record their thoughts Agent Cooper-style on tape. If you record your thoughts and ideas and don't mind sharing how you go about it, visit the New Century Notebook Project Survey.

While reading Pamela's blog, I came across A Creative Journal, which is written by another Perth blogger, Heather Goldsmith. Then I came across Sonshine FM announcer Rodney Olsen's blog The Journey. Every man and his God has a blog! At least half of Perth.

Hey there ... thanks for posting a link to the survey! I appreciate the Perth-type support! :-) Perth Bloggers rock! :-) (Cool Blog BTW !)
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