Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Stuff and More Stuff 

I hope to go to blogger meet up tonight, so I'll have to miss chat. One of my chat friends doesn't have e-mail (IRC, yes... e-mail, no - so non-conformist) so here's a quick update:

  • My geranium has three flowers and two buds on it.

  • The china animals that double as kitchenware are too depressing to blog, although I did take a pic. The sheep has a Teddy Ruxpin smile about him that I just don't like.

  • Yesterday I noticed that one of my front door keys is heavier than the other and decided I could differentiate between them by weight. Then I noticed that they're different colours.

  • I now have higher wattage globes and I can see much better.

  • I have a mobile phone!

  • I have no kettle or toaster just yet but I do have three water bottles/jugs in the fridge. If you're passing past my place and you feel like a cold drink of water, drop in. Andrew left a few beers too.

  • My Thai green curry worked - I think coconut milk is the go.

Every time I step out I have a little list of stuff to buy, but only as much stuff as I can carry. I feel like I'm a hunter-gatherer type, spending all of my day collecting what I need and hauling it home to eat. I think that's why my update list includes a lot of what I have and don't have. I also have a big mess of unpacked clothes on my bed, a big pile of books on the floor and a microwave by my desk. What I am is a bit scatty.

Catchya soon!

Hey Dee,

Nice meeting you last night at Meetup. I expect to see this blog listed on AustralianBlogs soon....:)

Hi Dee

Hope you had a pleasant time last night, it was good to meet you!

CW :)
Tim and I missed you in chat, but we managed. Peter was asking after you so i popped in here to check up on you. Cracking up at some of your posts LOL. CYA soon.
Nice to catch up with you on Wed night.
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