Sunday, May 21, 2006

Transperth Timetable Feedback 

I live near four different public transport routes. Sometimes I like to go somewhere without consulting almost as many timetables or connecting to the net. Hence me finding myself in a different suburb, on foot, and suffering vertigo while waiting for a bus yesterday.

The stop nearest to me has a sign with a timetable, which is really very handy. What would be even more handy, is if that timetable (preferably without the perspex casing) was in my flat. I can kind of get a paper version by going to the Transperth Web Site but it doesn't include all of the services listed on the sign.

In Melbourne you can pick up timetables for just one train station. So, for example, the Bentleigh timetable will have all of the times that the trains to and from Melbourne will stop at Bentleigh. The timetables are small too, so they can fit in a pocket instead of a big handbag or a backpack. This is good for regular passengers who already know how long it takes to get to the city (or Frankston, if they're keen) and a rough idea of the useful stops on the way.

Anyway, I was thinking about this when I noticed Transperth's timetable redevelopment questionnaire. The survey asks for feedback on their paper timetables. I filled it in but I didn't mention that I'd like to hack off their sign and erect it just inside my front door.

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