Sunday, May 28, 2006

Vanity Mirror 

I need a bathroom mirror. I thought I didn't look at myself that much but it turns out I do. I don't brush my hair, to be sure, but I do like to smile at myself. Very reassuring. I'm therefore a bit lost with a screw in the wall where a mirror should be hanging.

So, I caught a train to Bunnings in Subi this arvo but they didn't have any mirrors small enough that would hang. Then I went into town to Myer, Target and Oxfam. Oxfam offered a fun mirror that cost more than I wanted to spend, and a few discounted mirrors with defects/damage. Myer offered only cosmetic mirrors, about as useful as the crazy mirrors Boans had in their toy department and Target didn't have what I wanted either. Then I remembered Crazy Clark's and thought Erin would be impressed if I went the discount road.

Unfortunately, when mirror shopping, the only way to check if my hair fits in the frame is to look at myself. I'm not a quick looker, either. Sometimes I even space out and forget I'm doing it - in a shop - with other people around (mirror shopping's not all that exciting, it's very easy to imagine you're somewhere else). Coming round and looking up my own nose brought me back pretty quick.

Anyway, I found some cheap mirrors in Crazy Clark's, they looked okay, I decided to buy one. The shop was about to close in one minute. Then I thought, maybe the mirror will clash with the lighter timber of my drawers, my clothes hamper - my toilet seat? Maybe it looks as cheap as it is. What if people come round and decide I'm not really what they're looking for in a friend/whatever because my mirror frame sucks? Then I considered that this could work in my favour - the mirror could test the superficiality of potential friends/whatevers and help me decide if I like them much.

So, in the end, I didn't buy my mirror. But there's still tomorrow.

Lol! Very funny!
Discovered your blog last week when searching for Perth blogs!
Do you mind being on my links list on my Perth blog? Let me know!



p.s. friends of my parents moved to Tasmania from Perth too. The son was already was studying there. They said they'd probably be back in WA after a few years, we'll see!
Hi Simone!

Thanks for visiting and linking to my blog. :-)

I think everyone's moving to Tassie... every time any of us mention the Big Move we're told about other people making the same choice. Half the Mainland'll be on the Island soon. Except me. I am resolutely staying in WA, at least till my lease runs out!

Bye for now,

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