Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blogging and Talking About It 

I'm up so late again tonight (Tuesday night) that I have to say Perth Blogger Meetup is on tonight (Wednesday night). But it is, and I'm planning to go.
Good for you Dee. I didn't get online until 10.30 pm my time due to the arrival of my SEEING EYE DOG called Nova. She is black and beautiful.
Janet! That's so fantastic! I'm stoked, that's really great news and I'm looking forward to meeting Nova as soon as I can. Wow, I feel like hugging someone / a dog or something. Mate, I can't believe I wasn't around... If you read this, Tim and I caught up Monday cos he's going to be a big slacker over the next four weeks. I'll be in on Wednesday as per usual but I might try and give you a call sooner.

Lots of love,

i'm on, i'm on
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