Monday, June 05, 2006

Calm and Contented 

Sometimes I walk to the beach in the early evening, just as the sun's going down. IGA is open till 8, so if I need anything I can pop in before I walk home. A red double decker bus crossed the railway bridge as I came long the other night, and it's not uncommon for helicopters to pass overhead, following the coast. Late one night a chopper rattled the windows as it passed and a searchlight lit up the place. Utes with vocal drivers and taxis with vocal passengers aren't uncommon.

Tonight I needed eucalyptus oil. Usually I faff around for ages feeling silly, trying to find products and then struggling to find what I need to know on the packaging. Tonight wasn't very much different except that I didn't bother feeling messy and I asked where to find the eucalyptus oil. Cold Chisel's 'Flame Trees' played on the radio as I came out. I don't remember knowing this song, but I knew it when the children's choir sang it in Little Fish. Sometimes you don't know what makes you happy.

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