Friday, June 02, 2006

Dancing, Cake and Car Chases 

Caelan's class danced to Everybody Needs Somebody and Shake Your Tail Feather today. They wore sunglasses and they did the monkey. Gill is one of the class liaisons, so we ate cake and did the dishes.

In preparation (such dedication), Gill bought The Blues Brothers on DVD. [Hidey, hidey, hidey hi. Hidey, hidey, hidey hi. Whooooaaaa - ye-eah...] Last night we could pick a musical highlight, watch the dancing and singing (or the car chase through the shopping mall - a musical highlight Caelan watched often and with particular interest) and then skip on before the age-inappropriate stuff. Damn Illinois nazis. Caelan thinks Jake might have learnt to swear in jail.

What a great movie. I think I've seen it a couple of dozen times.
Hi Dee, I have just discovered 'comments ' on your blog and have gone ahead and read everyones comments to date. Anyone would think I have no work to do, which is a complete lie!! Talking of kids doing songs at school- next term I am going to take in Jack Johnsons song called the three R's. Reduce,Reuse and Recycle. Gill would love it!! Callum knows all the words..

Have a great day
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