Wednesday, June 07, 2006


My birthday's in February and this year I received a $50 voucher from Rockmans. The gift came as a surprise and I've been carrying the voucher around for ages. My first visit or two turned up not much so I wandered in yesterday during the sales. I now have a pair of pants and two tops. So strange to go shopping, buy clothes and not to have spent any money.

I did plan to spend money. I even bought the Sunday Times for the sales brochure Nanna and Pop told me about. The headline 'Catch ISPs with pants down' caught my eye. Netserv have only removed reference to their 2004 footy tipping comp in the last few months, so I figured it wouldn't be too hard to catch an ISP half-dressed.

The headline referred to Liam Bartlett's column, in which he argued that the government should put in place a national filtering system so that children aren't exposed to Internet pornography. The government says that such a system is possible but will only knock out 75% of pornography. Bartlett says that:

"Any sane internet user will argue that based on what's around right now, 75 per cent prevention rate sounds amazingly effective."

He later says that we can't rely on our own software to do the filtering, partly because, "PC-based filters do not always work."

I'd say, considering what's out there, some sane internet users might think they're amazingly effective. But then I didn't realise you needed "a working knowledge of English" to use Google.

Maybe I'm just cross because Bartlett suggests Stevie Wonder doesn't have good investigative skills... I don't think he meant because he's a musician. If I was better able to investigate, I'd have noticed the bikini-clad woman draped over the Google logo - used to draw attention to the column - well before now.

On the train home from the city, two men dressed in black sat across from me. They started talking about Liam Bartlett and one guy in particular reckoned the ABC lost Bartlett 110 000 country listeners when they cut the hours his show aired in regional areas.

A young guy with a shock of black hair and an instrument case sat next to them and opposite me. He talked into his mobile like his mates sat across a comfy lounge from him, using noises that must mean something to his friends but which startled me at first.

When the men in black alighted at Subi, the most outspoken of the two turned to the mobile muso and told him that he shouts when he's on the phone. Yep, and you listen to Liam Bartlett.

And I have cheap new pants! Thanks to the gift-giver!

God you make me laugh Dee, I really emjoy reading your blog! I have an idea; if I think your observations are funny others would too. I think you should approach the West Australian and write a column weekly called (city sights),What do you think!hehe.. Your Subiaco market story deserves to be published...
I have spent parts of my weekend cleaning the ex-managers filthy oven and bathroom. Fun,Fun,Fun.

Love ya Meggxxx
Hey Megs,

Lol, I'm wondering how that conversation might go... the one about the blog entry my sister finds really funny. :-) I like the City Sights title though... are you sure you shouldn't go into marketing?

Hope the long weekend wasn't too crazy. Gill found a little silverfish behind my tea towel doey today (just a hidin' there) and I started to get a clean house complex. Gill then invented a theory about natural selection and slow silverfish that made it all go away. She put the silverfish in the bin too and then I hung some camphor in my wardrobes.

So, I think I've mentioned all that to say, yeah, I'm glad I'm not cleaning some other grot's house!

Bye for now,

Dee xxx
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