Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Blogger's showing a graphic that reads 'Visual Verification' where the wavy letters used for word verification should be. I thought I'd sneak around it by using Writely. Now I'm here I notice that Writely is now part of Google and won't be accepting new registrations until it's swapped to Google's systems. Ooh, can't wait. Ahhh, Blogger's word verification is working again. I can stop complaining before someone suggests I use WordPress.

Postscript: Writely couldn't publish to my blog. The error message included the suggestion that I have my blog reviewed. After carefully typing out the address given (it couldn't be selected and copied), I received an error message from Blogger. They apologise for the inconvenience and they have engineers working on it.

Do you need a Writely invite? Let me know, I have a bunch.
Hi U,

Thanks for the offer. I signed up for Writely in January so I'm right for now. I really like the service but haven't had much need to use it yet. If I did want invites, you haven't given your name and you don't have a Blogger profile, so it'd be difficult to let you know.

Write on!

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