Sunday, June 18, 2006

Her Transition to Recognition 

Megan has a blog! The Apple Isle Chronicles. Her big news is that Jenny Morris is playing at the Swansea Bark Mill Tavern next Saturday night. All went well with Tim Freedman and Co's visit and I hope lots of Taswegians get out there and see some of the bands playing in Swansea. I wish I lived a little closer but I'll be visiting for Christmas.
Thanks for the plug Dee. Question: How do I do a profile of myself like you have on the right hand side of the blog? Also your comment and link did not appear on my blog! Why is that?
Heya Megs,

I'm a big dumb sister and I forgot to comment at your blog! I'm so shy when it comes to commenting but I just completely forgot. :-0

If you mean the little bit that says something about me, I wrote it into the template code, but you can do it without looking at the template code too. Just go to Settings and enter your description where it says. Scroll down and click on Save Settings. You'll probably be asked to re-publish your blog to see the changes, or you can write a new post and that should do it. If that doesn't work, let me know!


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