Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Off The Map 

ZoomIn is an Australian street map site that I discovered after visiting Enjoy Perth!. Enjoy Perth saves me buying the papers in search of interesting stuff to do. I like ZoomIn too, it gives you the option of commenting and joining groups that comment on everything from bicycle parking to waste disposal. I noticed a ZoomIn group for bloggers started only yesterday by MNLY: The Manly Blog. I'd like it just a bit more if it included traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. When I'm not familiar with an area, it's good to know where I can safely cross the roads. I've now added links to both sites in my Reference section to the right.

I Googled for 'ZoomIn Street Maps Australia' tonight and for some reason the New Zealand version of ZoomIn ranks first - followed by four other links - before the link to the Australian site. If I type the same search into Google Australia, it doesn't even rank in the first ten sixty? Surely I've missed it. I've checked again... till the eightieth returned site, but still no sign of ZoomIn. If I narrow the search to Australian sites, ZoomIn comes in at number 18. Maps giving the location of Medicare offices rank higher.

If Google doesn't want to list a competitor to Google Maps, why doesn't Google Maps show up? Even if I remove the reference to ZoomIn, Google Maps doesn't show up in the search returns. What am I missing?

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