Thursday, June 29, 2006

Overhearing Things 

Overheard in the fruit and veg section of the supermarket yesterday:
Do you have eggplants? Am I blind?

Overheard in the Murray St Mall yesterday:
Yeah, but they don't do genitalia...

Yesterday I bought new bathers (yay!) and two singlet tops on sale. I realised that I've become the sort of person who reads in cafes and at bus stops / train stations too. How did I get this relaxed? Once upon a time, I couldn't help looking around and listening in, now it seems I don't have to try.

Classic! I would have been really biting my tongue to stop responding to the genitalia comment.. "and you shouldn't DO genitalia either!"
Heya Dee - I came across a pretty funny site the other day along similar lines -

Pages and pages and pages full of the funny and odd things people say.

Personal highlight -

Mom: ...and you have to hold my hand before we go out into the street.
Little girl: Best fucking advice ever.

--106th & Broadway

(excuse the language)
Hi CW,

The man doing the talking was striding along with work mates and carrying something cylindrical. The conversation sounded work related, as if it went something like Business Y might be good for the X project? - Yeah, but they don't do genitalia... Scientists? Artists? Testosterone central at Bobby Dazzlers and the Moon & Sixpence that day after the union rallies, so maybe they were discussin magazines and forgot they'd crossed William St into the shopping mall? :-) Who knows, but I didn't have time to even catch the guy's eye and laugh. Maybe next time I'll say something!

Heya Col,

Hope all's well in sunny Canberra. I blogged Overheard in New York last year, after reading about it at One Dog Said to the Other (yeah, I had to search to find out). I hadn't visited in ages, so thanks for giving me a way to waste my afternoon! My favourite from today:

They Have It, But They Call It Schmeer

Girl #1: I can't believe that CVS didn't have paint! How about Bagel Art? That place should have paint.
Girl #2: That says Bagel Mart.
Girl #1: No, it doesn't!
Girl #2: Move a little to your left.
Girl #1: Bagel...Mart. Oh. So then what does it have?

--Gigi's Pizzeria, Whitestone
via Overheard in New York, Jun 20, 2006

LOL, yes, I think I like this one cos it could so easily be me wanting paint from Bagel Art.

Have a good one!
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