Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Random Trouser Suits 

Hey-er. Judith's in town, so we caught up with Gill on Saturday night to see Caterpillar Wish in Freo. Lots of dialogue, so I could follow easily. I didn't even feel embarrassed asking Gill afterwards about the photos I hadn't seen in the girl's photo album. Yet to find a decent friand. Gill came back for the last of the Tim Tams I bought for Scott's visit. The birthday lunch in Belmont went well, I'm surprised how comfortable Sharlini looked in the arms of almost strangers and I noticed quite a few guys looking totally at home with her too. Of course, when it came to my turn, she wanted to lie flat and look over her head backwards. Not unhappy, just suddenly less conventional.

On Sunday I went on a mission to buy a smoke detector (which I'm still not sure where or how to install without using screws), a door mat, a cheap brush and shovel for outside, and some gardening gloves. Why do ladies gardening gloves come in light colours with flowers on them? I want flowers in my pots, not flowers on my gloves.

I've popped in to see a friend in hospital a couple of times too. Everyone at Charlie's is friendly and ready to offer directions. Actually, the lady in Rockmans is friendly too (she recognised me) and so are the transit guards on the trains, so maybe it's a friendly time of year. A lady at my bus stop said she'd worn a trouser suit, even though she usually wore jeans on weekends, because she didn't want to look out of place at a lunch do in the city on Saturday. A guy who's just moved into our flats said he liked my hair, do you do something to it, or does it just come out like that? No, it just comes out like this. I'm too friendly by far sometimes.

Wednesday was a schmozzle, with the exception of Blogger meetup, which somehow put a stop to my evil mood. I met Matt from Abstract Gourmet, who told me about his Basil Chicken in Coconut Curry Sauce recipe, Jimmy (Rachel's brother) who is involved in a business directory called Laton Industries, Viveca, who is a life coach, Tama from Ponderance, and Kay's friend Dave. CW from Ruminations came along, and so did BrownWren from WA Newshound, Bret and Nic. So it was all good. Ooops: After logging off I remembered that I met Simone from Enjoy Perth! too.

So this mixed up blog entry about my week shows that I'm still mixed up about why I bother to blog. Maybe it's enough that Janet has a way to let me know she's still in IRC and ready for a chat? :-)

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