Saturday, June 03, 2006

Settling in on Saturday 

Ooh, it's not much of a Saturday night when Blue Heelers stands you up. The movie-length final episode screens on Sunday night.

I spent my Saturday afternoon cleaning out the Kitchen Cupboards. When I first prepared to do this, I swept them out and discovered mouse poo and poison. So I left them till I'd bought disposable gloves and cloths I could ditch and Domestos. I've copped some flack about wanting to clean with Domestos, or anything that isn't vinegar and lemon, so I've compromised and used Orange Power. And maybe some Domestos. Ick.

The beach called when I finished, even in the dark. Lucky for me, the beach is lit up at night. The sand is so white! I feel a bit of a git at the beach in my Blunnies, so I took them off and let my feet get wet. My jeans got wet too and then I saw a neighbour in the supermarket on the way home. I hope he guessed I'd been at the beach and hadn't stuck one leg in the toilet. I said I was settling in well.

My god Dee what are you walking around the beach for at night!! You crazy girl. Although I must say i do remember swimming at midnight at Cottesloe long ago and that felt wonderful...
Having trouble getting Rori to sleep. It is 9pm.. Please go to sleep ror.
Night Dee, Luv ya
Hey, maybe Rori would like a night-time dip! I need new bathers, so it'll be a while before I'm down there at midnight, although the water's very tempting, even at this time of year. I was down there thinking that I should have gone to a beach with lighting years ago. Hope Rori sleeps soon. xxx
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