Thursday, June 29, 2006

Urban Exploration and Stencil Blogs From Freo 

Casper from Fremantle's just started two blogs, one with pics of stencil art around Freo and the other on urban exploration in Freo. I like Freo and I like exploring, so I'll check back again soon. Good luck Casper!

The urban exploration blog includes a link to The Derelict Sensation, which: "invites contributions from anyone interested in derelict buildings or abandoned spaces." Now there's a reason to sign up for an online dating service - I'd love to say I have an interest in derelict buildings. Bushwalking be damned. Worth checking out if you're into stuff like this.

Thanks for those links!
Very interesting those stencils, I've obviously seen the odd one, but didn't know it was so widespread, and so many types! I'll keep more of an eye out now!!
Hi Simone,

No worries. I don't know Casper but he came across my blog after searching for urban exploration and Freo, so he thought I might be interested.

I hope you enjoyed blogger meetup! :-)
There seems to have been an outbreak of guerilla art around Perth. We just blogged a set today. Whoever is doing it, keep it up!
I'm glad people are taking pics and giving me clues as to where to look to find it. :-)
Yes, I enjoyed the meetup very much, and there's still plenty left to talk about, and more people to meet, so if I can make it, I'll be there next time too! :)
Hi Simone, Glad to hear it! I'll look forward to catching up when you can make it. :-)
They are very cool, much better than stupid scrawly illegible tagging graffitti!
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