Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wednesday Night Meme 

CW shared this meme -

I AM: Leaving my blog till the second last possible minute (the last minute is reserved for the dishes tonight - oops, update: the dishes are done and I'm still blogging).

I SAID: In these shoes?

I WANT: All there is.

I WISH: Because wish is such a cool word.

I HATE: Ahem. I'm not actually allowed to say hate.

I MISS: Not riding my bike. (Yes, and the family!

I FEAR: Getting stuck.

I WONDER: If I'll ever be straightforward.

I REGRET: Being scared.

I AM NOT: Shy (see, I didn't think about this answer and I'm often shy - my first responses aren't always accurate).

I DANCE: Every day.

I SING: Because I can't help myself.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: In another world.

I MADE: My Web pages (I'm not very practical, so I really had to scratch around for something I made myself).

I WRITE: Or else I stop.

I CONFUSE: Myself.

I NEED: Love.

I SHOULD: Be decisive.

I START: And then I stop.

I FINISH: With a rush.

I BELIEVE: In now.

I KNOW: I'm much happier than I was ten years ago.

I CAN'T: Fly without a plane.

I SEE: Differently.

I BLOG: Because I love the idea.

I READ: Slowly and because I can.

I AM AROUSED BY: Early evening traffic.

IT PISSES ME OFF: That people shit on each other to get what they want.

I FIND: Pleasure in very small things.

I LIKE: The beach, the night, to laugh.

I LOVE: My family and friends.

I TAG: Megan and anyone else who wants to play. You're it.

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