Monday, June 05, 2006

Well Heeled 

Blue Heelers didn't let me down. An absolute pearler. :-) A near death, a death by natural causes, a death by blunt instrument - what more could you want? The Boss toilet papered a statue of Colonel Thomas (I'd never heard of him before) and Adam Cooper rocked up unshaven and murdered a bloke. No mention of Flat Gully Rd but Tom did offer to take a dying woman to watch the sunset at Lake Widjeri. There'd've been an exodus of criminals from Mt Thomas if the cop shop'd closed, so it's lucky Tom could tell Inspector Falcon-Price to stick his suspension up his jumper.

Just so you know, I'm not the only person blogging this. Mick appeared as a choirboy in an episode eleven years ago and Obsessed Teen credits Blue Heelers with bringing her and her best friend together in high school. Ben is kinda upset he missed it and wants to know if anyone taped it and can upload it to the net?

According to Wikipedia's Blue Heelers entry, Ben could wait until August 10 and buy it on DVD. I won't be buying DVDs or watching repeats but I will be looking out for new Australian drama.

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