Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Black and Denim, Osso Bucco and Red 

Gill and family invited me over for tea Sunday night. Before I left I started to get snarly. I hadn't written as much as I'd planned, I hadn't done any washing, I hadn't gone to Bunnings to buy a second clothes rack and I hadn't bought any red wine to take along. How disorganised can one woman be? Fancy not going to Bunnings and carting a clothes horse home. So I had a shower and put on my jeans and my cheap long-sleeved black cotton top, which made me feel much better. Familiar, I guess, and black. Then Shan rang to see if I could find out the title and artist of a song she heard on triple j a few months back and we had a good chat. Which made me more late but in a much better mood. I missed a train by a couple of minutes but another came along in a few more and Gill just finished a call to Queensland as I walked in. We ate osso bucco for dinner with extra lemon zest, and Gill had a cleanskin bottle of red for us to drink as well. Gill knew the lyrics to Shan's song - 'beautiful melody' - and we found the info on the net. I posted it off in the mail yesterday. Martin dropped me home sometime after one. Disorganised but loved, thank goodness.
Mmm Osso Buco.I have had a craving for that for ages. Now I am definatly going to take myself up on that urge.
Black tops and jeans hey, you and I are cut from the same cloth!,lol.I went out last night to Sandi and Brigettes 60th and 50th birthday celebrations. It was only at one of the premium cabins so I did not have to walk far. Macka watched the kids and I still couldn't get out the door in time. I had no clothes left in the wardrobe as it was washing day and my pile tends to get done last! So I opted for my old flared denim jeans,(that have a small hole in the bum) my fave black boots and a black shirt (which covered up the small hole in the backside!)I wrapped a big wooly red scarf around my neck armed with a bottle of red and two bunches of flowers and I felt like a million bucks.
I had an intersting night and chatted to a lovely couple who grow organic vegies up at Meander. We talked about getting a comminty garden up and running in Swansea and they said they would love to come back and give us a few hints etc on organic farming. Sounds good!
I even had a couple of glasses of champers and on my return home to both children in bed and the heater on I felt loved too- after about 20 minutes, thats being generous maybe 10!! hehehe.
Luv ya Dee will ring soon for a BIG chat,I never seem to be able to catch you at home of late! BYE
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