Saturday, July 01, 2006

Claremont Pool 

The Claremont Pool is heated by geothermal water taken from the Yarragadee Aquifer. The water doesn't go into the pools, it just heats the water that is in the pools and is then returned to the aquifer. I think the temperature in the outdoor 25-metre pool, at 28 degrees, felt warmer than the indoor pool at Margs. The pool felt shorter too, so much so that I did an extra four laps thinking the Margaret River pool must really be 30 metres long.

On the way there I noticed dark clouds, the cold, the smell of burgers at HJs and the beckoning doorway to Dymocks (across the road until, oops, I crossed the road to find Twelve Sharp on the shelves). My neighbour noticed me walking in the opposite direction to the pool and asked me about it when he saw me there. Then I had to explain that I'd been walking in the wrong direction because I didn't know the way - but I'd be fine to find my way home, no worries!

The pool looked an inviting green, with shade cloth covering each end. I went with the shorter, shallow pool for my first swim in months but I'd like to swim in the 50-metre pool sometime. I'll never have much stamina but I like it.

Whenever you head back to the Claremont pool, say hello to Jim, the pool manager, from me. He's a good friend that I don't get to catch up with any where near enough. In fact, he was the best man at my wedding thirteen and a half years ago.
Hi Rodney,

If I ever come across Jim at the pool, I'll be sure to say hello. I hope he knows what blogging is, or I'll sound like a bit of a nutter. I'll try to look sane and credible, which could be difficult in a sunny, floral tankini, but I think I can manage it! :-)
Hi Dee,
Going for a swim sounds great. A heated pool sounds even better. Last time I was in Dodges Ferry Fiona asked me to go for a swim with her at the Lewisham pool. Not a big pool I imagine as her and three friends just booked it for the hour.I was keen until she mentioned last time it was pretty cold.I told mum and dad anyway so they could try it out. As it is only up the road a bit.
I have been a bit slack and it took me awhile to catch up on your blog... I think I have come to the realisation that I have only enough time of late to read your blog and answer occassionaly. I don't seem to get around to writing my own. And yours always has interesting comments from other people. Hey is Col, Colin from Melbourne Colin!!
I had 3 days off last week and I don't really feel refreshed, why is that do you think!!
Hope everything is Aok. I will write a blog entry tonight I think.
Love ya
Heya Megs, The Lewisham pool must be tiny. I can imagine you all with a big umbrella overhead and floaties on!

Simone mentioned at Blogger Meetup that it's really hard to find time to blog, as well as to read blogs. I'm always getting distracted and I don't have a Rori. :-)

And yeah, Col is Colin from Melbourne. He lives. In Canberra. Lol. His blog is Monday Sunset, in the column on the right.

Bye for now!


Where is Claremont pool? How does it compare to Beatty Park?
Hi Skribe,

The Claremont Pool is across the road from the Claremont footy oval, only about 400 metres north of the railway station on Davies Rd.

As well as the 25- and 50-metre pools, I think there's also a dive pool but I didn't check it out. There are no stands, just grass and trees, so it felt like Adventure World at the end of the season - only the pools weren't cold and I didn't see a tractor-train. There are lockers, a kiosk and decent-sized changerooms (which were clean and dry when I visited). Entrance fees are standard.

If you prefer swimming outdoors but like to be warm, I think I can safely recommend it. :-)
I actually tend to get leg cramps in outside pools. Even heated ones. Perhaps because I always tend to try using them in the middle of winter =)
Ouch. They only have outdoor pools and the change rooms are more open than at Beatty Park too. I think I'd avoid the mid-winter cramp if I were you.

My legs go wonky when I get out of pools. My Pop reckons it's because they're heated. Although, when I think about it, I think I get wonky hopping out of all pools. But I'm not thinking that it's because I'm unfit. No, no.
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