Saturday, July 15, 2006

Coaxed Into Cooking 

Matt the Abstract Gourmet is making it really hard for me to ignore my oven and the butternuts I scoot past in the vegie section. Mmm, Spiced Roast Pumpkin Soup. Then there's the Home Made Hummus recipe from a few days ago that I copy and pasted for future reference. Sooner or later I'll be eating more than vegies and cous cous.
WE had a lovely T.Bone steak and lemon pepper cous cous with fresh butter beans abd stemaed brocolli.
It was beautiful!
Luv Meg
MmmmMMM! That sounds joy! Do you make lemon pepper cous cous like I'd guess you might? I made a bland spinach and tuna risotto - frozen spinach, tinned tuna, not much thought beyond lutein intake. I've been eating it all day. :-)
Hi Dee,

Sorry i missed this the first time around, but I hope you have actually made some of those dishes by now :) And if not, then get onto it and take some photos to prove it... we'll turn you into a food blogger yet :)
Hi Matt,

Ouch, I see it's a month later and I still haven't made a move. :-) With the weather so awful, the roast pumpkin soup is still sounding good and I'm going to have a go at the hommus. I'll be sure to take a snap when it happens.
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