Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Keeping Up With The News 

After missing news of Eliza Jane Davis's murder until a week after it broke, I'm trying to stay more in touch. When I searched for more news about her murder, I found the front page of last week's Bunbury Mail and Eliza pictured in a Bunbury Catholic College uniform. Too close to home. Friends say they don't want to hear the news - it's all bad, it's upsetting, and they don't need it. I agree when it comes to sensational disaster stories told only because there's video footage or because it happened in an English-speaking nation and there's not much happening here. I can't see how it helps the community to miss news that's happening in places you care about, affecting people you know or have known.

So this week I've visited The West. Why do they have medical news headlines under the 'Entertainment' banner? Why is Perth's weather given on the second line of the chart - under Canberra's? Why do they use headlines and grabs on the main page that don't make it clear what the articles are about? Some headlines and leads are more useful than others but I don't think readers should have to guess, or waste time loading pages just to see if an article's relevant.

Perth Now uses headlines and blurbs that tell more about what to expect from a story and, despite its name, it does have regional news. ABC Online's WA News is another site I should check more often. Have I mentioned that I genuinely miss GWN News? Lots of news about footy teams in Gnowangerup or junior basketballers from Geraldton but at least it feels close.

I also miss GWN. Tasmanian news stations quite often talk about small town happenings; however I am unsure of where the small town is located.
The things you miss. I also miss Dooper Dog!! Now that is sad....
I wish the Home and Away helicopter saga would end - getting rather Days of our Livesish!! Seeya.
Lol, I can't say I've missed Doopa but that's probably because I don't watch much telly when he says goodnight. H&A isn't the same without family around. No one to say 'How can you watch this *#@$%' or 'When are they gunna get rid of that guy?' or 'Not him!' or even 'As if you'd do that, this show's #$%@.' Just not the same. :-) I'm rolling my eyes about Detective Baker's gun belt and there's no one here to see!
Hi Dee,

I just worked out how to link sites to my blog without having the whole address typed in. Am feeling rather smart :-)
Hope everything is ok. I tried to call oyu sat night but you must have been out on the town.
Take care luv meg
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