Sunday, July 16, 2006

Kings Park on a Sunny Saturday in July 

Forgetting to pay the rent online can have its advantages. I caught the bus to the property agent yesterday and, rather than wait for the next bus, decided to walk through Kings Park to the city. At the Western Power Playground I saw a sign pointing to the DNA Tower.

I must have looked a little lost amongst all the kids, parents and footballs because just as I worked out how to get to the walkway, a guy with his kids called out, "You can join us if you can't find them."

At the tower I decided that I can climb the Leeuwin Lighthouse so I should be okay, even though the lighthouse doesn't shake. The people in the photo look like they're up there for a casual meeting with whoever's in the clouds.

Four open platforms high, double helix metal staircase, clouds, trees.

From the tower I could look back down the way I'd come towards the playground and out to sea.

Wide grass walk between bushland from tower, sea in distance

The river is visible, looking down towards the water either side of the Narrows as seen here and also towards Barrack St.

Looking over bushland to Swan River and South Perth

Heading towards town, I spotted this silver princess and wanted to take a photo of the bell-like gum nuts.

Silver Princess eucalyt, with white gum nuts and red blossoms

No Ragged Blossom here, all neat and perfect.

Red gum blossom

Yellow flowers are everywhere and yet they always make me turn and look.

Yellow blossom on acacia bush

I'd almost walked past this bloom before I swung around. Yellow again!

Flowering bendy bit on a tree

Thanks for these photos - we were in Kings Park on Sunday and of course I didn't think to bring the camera...
Hi CW, Hope you enjoyed your visit too. The haze meant it wasn't a great time to remember my camera, and the snaps aren't as clear as I'd like, but I hope it gives people an idea of what I saw. :-)
Loved the photos Dee. Makes me miss WA!
Luv Meg
Hi Megan, I'm just making sure you guys all come to visit me once in a while!
Hi Deanne, wow I do look forward to get to the Kings Park again, seeing those great pictures :-)
At the moment it´s summer time here so the flora is also very colorful.
Hi Iris! What kind of flowers are blooming in Germany at the moment? I didn't expect to see many plants flowering this time of year here, although a friend who works with native plants is already heading out for field work, which she usually does in Spring.
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