Wednesday, July 12, 2006

La La La 

Deanne, you're happier than 90 percent of the other people who took Tickle's Happiness Test.

Whacko. Who'd've thought I'd need to develop such a dark sense of humour to be this way? Lol.

The results tell me that:

For example, your test results show that your level of cheerfulness is one of the things that helps you feel happier overall. This means that for the most part you have a good-natured disposition and can take blissful delight in even the smallest things. You may also tend to be in good spirits more often than not. By seeking out humor even in hard times, you can keep your life filled with laughter. While your cheerfulness has a positive impact on how happy you are, it's still not the biggest factor that affects your overall happiness. Want to know which area of your life makes you the happiest?

Given that I'm happier than 90% of the other people distracted by the test, and that I don't have money to splurge on anything but friands and crime novels, I figured the secret to my happiness shall remain a mystery. Cue mysterious Mona Lisa smile.

How did I discover my abundant happiness? I visited Iris, who linked to - where somehow I clicked on a Google Text ad pointing to The Happiness Test: Seven Secrets to a Happy Life. Don't think I'm upset by how easily led I am. I'm off to skip and frolic.

Deanne, thanks, I havenĀ“t seen the test at HappyNews but went straight there after you mentioned it. I was really honest - and wow, am I happy :-)
What did you do in Carnarvon?
Lol, Iris, glad to see I'm not the only one - I wouldn't like to stand out from the crowd! We visited my brother who was working up there. We drove around mostly and ate dinner at the pub. :-)
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