Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mystery Onion Shortage 

A woman wrote to our local paper a few weeks back to complain about onions. They're naked, she said, and they don't keep as well as onions with their outer layers. She complained that because she always takes the outer layer off regardless, she's wasting edible onion parts.

Ha, ha, I thought, funny Western suburbs people. No letters about plans for wind farms, or crayboats attracting sharks to surf spots, or even about rich people wanting to develop the local land and coast to better suit themselves.

But I read the letter because I'd already gone to the supermarket once and discovered they didn't have any white onions - naked or otherwise - and it bothered me. I asked a guy in one local supermarket and he went out the back to check. No white onions. Tonight at a different supermarket - no white onions. What's going on?

Gill says she uses brown onions for cooking and purple ones for salads. Mum says you have to use white onions, you can't use brown ones!

So, do I change my habits, break with family custom? Is there a shortage of white onions?

This is really weird! If you asked the staff about I´d like to know the answer...
Hi Iris! A nearby deli/vegie shop had white onions on Friday - but they didn't have loose potatoes or carrots. I need to shop around. I don't feel confident that I'll get an answer from the staff but if someone walks by while I'm stamping my feet about it, I'll ask anyway!
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