Monday, July 31, 2006

River Walk and Ice Cream 

After walking to Freo via the beach a couple of weekends ago, I decided to take the river route yesterday. I didn't stick to the shoreline all the way, and a little after passing Victoria St discovered I had 6.5km to go. Lucky the rain held off.

Along the way, I passed dinghies on the shore and a public jetty, the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, Mead's restaurant (which sits over the water), the Swan Canoe Club, St Hilda's (where they're building a new junior school and want to know who's excited), Minim Cove (where they've removed over 13 000 tons of contaminated soil and built big houses with small yards and no trees), old houses in North Freo, the water police at Harvey Beach, and the Prawn Bay Tidal Wetlands (I didn't see any prawns).

Then I walked under the Stirling Bridge and over the Fremantle Traffic Bridge into town. At Elizabeth's I found a copy of Time and the Hunter by Italo Calvino. The shop assistant said she'd wondered when someone would buy it. So I bought myself a butterscotch ice cream (I'd walked how far?) and caught the train home.

That sounds really great - is there something else to do/see at Minim Cove?
My boyfriend and me come to Perth in December and I´m planning the holiday...
Hi Iris,

According to the Landcorp Web site, there's a park and a lookout with a 360 degree view that takes in the river, the city and the ocean. I don't think I'd plan a special trip (it's just a spot on the river) but you might like to go cycling along the paths between Fremantle and the city and see more of the river up close. I hope you have a great holiday!
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